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For thousands of years, Green reishi mushroom has been recognized as a precious and superb nutrious plant, resevered exclusively for royalty, because it’s rare and has numerous medicinal effects.

Do you always pay attention to the whole process from the beginning of producing to the completed product on your hands? Are they high quality products? Is there flaws or any simple concerns? Customers are always our top priority, which build up Vua Nam Lim Xanh’s reputation. Packing stage is also given attention. All products are well-packed to ensure that you have a perfect experience without any worries.


When buying products in Vua Nam Lim Xanh, you are completely assured that they are the best quality and reliable products.


Vua Nam Lim Xanh says no to FAKE and POOR QUALITY goods


Products of Vua Nam Lim Xanh

The Natural Forest Reishi Mushroon Tea is 100% natural. Vua Nam Lim Xanh is proud to be the largest & most reputable supplier of reishi mushroom on market.  Furthermore, Vua Nam Lim Xanh is the sole & initial company producing Forest Reishi Mushroom Tea from Forest Reishi Mushrooms in a quality that has been approved by the FDA and HACCP certificate for exporting to the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

Why should choosing Reishi Mushroom of Vua Nam Lim Xanh

Vua Nam Lim Xanh’s noble mission is to provide customers with authentic and quality Forest Green Reishi Mushrooms that have high medicinal contents. It’s ensured that customers have no concerns or worries about fake, low quality product when visiting Vua Nam Lim Xanh because we are a completely trustworthy establishment. The rare medicinal contents found plentiful in forest green reishi mushroom of mother nature will bring you both health and beauty benefits. Thus, we hope that customers would select Vua Nam Lim Xanh to try our natural goods.